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First Patients Enter Clinical Trial of Impentri for COVID-19 ARDS

“The Impentri IMI2 consortium are pleased to announce the first patients have been dosed in Amsterdam, NL as part of its clinical trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of intravenous imatinib mesilate (Impentri™) in subjects with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome induced by COVID-19” The trial is a Phase II, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study being […]

CounterCOVID study shows imatinib significantly reduces mortality by 49% in patients with COVID-19

Results published on Friday 18 June in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine show that oral imatinib, currently used to treat cancers, reduces mortality by 49% in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. The results of the world-first trial, led by VUmc, Amsterdam, could signify another option in the management of COVID-19 to protect lives  The publication of the CounterCOVID […]

Could this cancer drug fight fluid build-up in the lungs of COVID patients?

IMPENTRI will look for clinical proof of the benefit of imatinib in Covid-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome The build-up of fluid in the lungs is common among patients with severe cases of Covid-19 infection, and can lead to breathing problems and even death. It’s caused by the damage to cells that line the blood vessels […]

IMI2 Grant awarded to fund clinical study of imatinib in the treatment of COVID-19-associated ARDS

CAMBRIDGE, UK AND DUBLIN, IRELAND, May 13 2020 / / — Exvastat (Ireland) Ltd, a privately held biopharmaceutical company backed by Cambridge Innovation Capital, today announced the Innovative Medicines Initiative has through a highly competitive process awarded the company a €3.6m grant, following its call for developers to uncover a new use of the licensed […]